Please call or text me at 313-627-3345 to set up a time to see me. (No explicit talk or blocked numbers.) Leave a voicemail if I don't answer letting me know which major city you saw I was in (Chicago, Detroit, etc) and that you'd like to set up a time to meet!

Or, you may use the form below, but ONLY MORE THAN 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE of the appointment, because I don't check the emails from the form as often. If it's less than 24 hours away, PLEASE text or call my phone # above. However, the email form below can be useful if you need to write up a longer description of yourself or what you're looking for.

If I am in your town, generally I am available between the hours of noon (12pm) and 2-3am. I don't typically do morning appointments unless I have seen you before, although sometimes I can do 11am. I prefer if you can book at least a day or two in advance, although I am often available on as short as an hour's notice if you want to give me a call or text!